Friday 26 May 2017

opening for sql and pl sql developer

Opening for SQL Developer only for tech altum students 

urgent requirement for sql/ plsql developer.

JOB Description

Candidate must have knowledge of following topics :- 

1.    Create, Alter, Drop (DDL, DML, TCL)
2.    Aggregate Functions (Group by, Having)
3.    Sql Loader
4.    Set Operators (Union, Union All, Intersect, Minus)
5.    Case
6.    Decode
7.    Predefined Functions (Instr, Substr, Trim, To_date, To_char, Nvl, Nvl2, Replace)
8.    Sub Query (In, Any, All)
9.    Types of joins.
10.Types of Indexes.

11. Functions, Procedures, Triggers
12. CMD scripts
13. Batch Files

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For further details you can call at 0120-4280181.

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