Monday 15 January 2018

web designing opening for tech altum students

Vacancy for the post of Fresher Web Designer and UI Developer 

(only for Tech Altum students)

Brief JD – UI Developer

-       Bachelor/ Master Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related technical field is required and an advanced technical degree is preferred
-       Expert level HTML5/CSS3/AJAX/JS/Bootstrap/Wordpress skills are required with demonstrated ability to solve complex problem
-       Strong skills ADOBE Photoshop/GIMP, COREL, MYSQL, XML, XSLT
-       Must have experience to design mobile and responsive website
-       Ability to self-organize and work effectively within a small team with minimal supervision
-       Experience on any e-Commerce platform a major plus
-       Familiarity with on-line commerce applications a plus
-       Strong verbal and written communication skills are required due to dynamic nature of team discussions
-       Experience building high performance, high availability transaction processing applications is preferred

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