Saturday 14 April 2018

opening for android and ios developer

looking for a " Android Developer" & iOS Developer at Mohali / Delhi

You can reach me with your updated resume at:-

Below are skill set required for android position
Skill set :- Android studio , android SDK , json and xml , custom view ,analytics skill , sqllite , image cache , location services , google maps ,payment gateway

Desired Skills &Experience for iOS:
The iOS candidate must be well versed with the below:
1. SWIFT and Objective C
2. Storyboards, Auto Layout
3. CoreData
4. CoreLocation
5. OperationQueues, Multi threading, GCD
6. CoreAnimation
7. REST, XML & JSON web service integration
8. Third party SDK integration.
9. Knowledge of deployment to Appstore
10. Design patterns like MVC, KVC, Singleton.