Tuesday 6 August 2019

opening for python developer

(Only for Tech Altum Students)

Job Description:– Python Developer
·        Must have Good Understanding in Python programming language.
·        Strong knowledge in data structures, OOP Concepts and computer fundamentals
·        Proficiency with python libraries - os, sys, urllib, shutil, beautifulsoup, numpy, pandas, etc.
·        Knowledge of atleast one Python Web Framework (Django / Flask / Tornado, etc) and Templating Engine like DTL / Jinja2, etc.
·        Ability to write basic Python C Extension and familiarity with ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries (like – SQLAlchemy) will be an added advantage.
·        Understanding of threading and multi-process architecture.
·        Good understanding of basic Networking Concepts and Templating Engines (like – DTL/Jinja2) will be an advantage.
·        Strong Unit testing and debugging skills.

·        Knowledge of SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc) and NoSQL(MongoDB, Redis, etc) will be preferred.

Qualification :
·       B.tech (ECE,CS,IT, Electrical)Fresher.
·       With a certification,

Salary Bar:20-30K

Location :- Noida

How to Apply: -

Share resumes to info@techaltum.com.

After sending CV share your details at Following WhatsApp Number