Tuesday 10 September 2019

Opening for Python Developer and Full stack Developer

Only for Tech Altum Students

1. Full-Stack Developer (Full-time, Min 3 LPA | 4 months internship, 5K- 15K)

1. Developing products to be used using Python/NodeJS/JavaScript.
2. Creating Python libraries that can work independently.
3. Working on backend development.
4. Working on database MongoDB or PostgreSQL.
5. Understanding and working on server-side AWS services.
6. Understanding and implementing security and data protection.
7. Building a product that helps improve our business flow.
8. Code, perform tests and debug new software and applications, while also making enhancements to existing software

2. Web developer (Full-time, Min 3 LPA | 4 months internship, 5K- 15K)

1. Front-end development of travel d'globe (TDG) platform
2. Restful APIs
3. Work on Nodejs/Python platform the server the JSON, APIs, and HTML views
4. Understand the business requirement to create an easy to use the product
5. Understanding user psychology through various data points and creating the user interface accordingly

How to Apply: -

Share resumes to info@techaltum.com

After sending CV share your details at Following WhatsApp Number