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C# Video Tutorial

C# is object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. C# is very powerful language as we can use it in Web based Applications , Windows based application , distributed component etc. C# syntax is very easy to learn for those who are familiar with C, C++ and Java. We have created following C# Video Tutorial in Hindi. These all videos are also available on our YouTube Channel with the name of Tech Altum.

What is Constructor

Difference between Function and Construction

Function Overloading

Function Overloading Interview Questions

Default and Parameterized Constructor

Interview Questions based on Default Constructor

Difference Between Static Variable and Non-Static Variable

Difference between Static Constructor and Non-Static Constructor

Constructor Chaining with Example

Inheritance with Example

Base Class Constructor Calling from Derived Class

Virtual and Override with Example

Interview Questions based on Virtual and Override

Name Hiding with example

Difference Between Overriding and Name Hiding

What is Abstract class with Example

Interview Questions based on Abstract Class

Can Abstract Class have Constructor?

Sealed Class with Example

Sealed Function with Example

Static Method in Abstract Class

Multiple Interface Implementation

Multiple Interface with same Name Function

Interface Reference Variable

Properties in C# with Example

Auto implemented Property in C#

Properties in Interface

Difference between Abstract Class and Interface

Can we have static constructor inside abstract class?

Out and Ref with Example

Interview Questions based on Ref and Out

Params Keyword with Example and Interview Questions